Golden Stories

Welcome to Golden Stories. Here are the best stories I have selected for the month of May, 2016.

Children Stories

Around the World in 80 Days is the adventure story of a gentleman in the 1800s to circumnavigate the world in 80 days. No picture. (Read | Listen | Watch)

Washer the Raccoon is a children story about the adventure of a Raccoon called Washer. Some colorful pictures. (Read)

Momotaro is one of Japan's super folklore stories. Many color pictures. (Read | Watch)

The Story of Miss Moppet is a children story about the kitten Miss Moppet being teased by a mouse. Many beautiful pictures. (Read | Watch)

The Tailor of Gloucester is a children story about a tailor being helped by some mice he rescues. Many beautiful pictures. (Read | Watch)

The Tale Of Benjamin Bunny is a children story about Peter Rabbit's return to Mr. McGregor's garden with his cousin Benjamin. Many beautiful pictures. (Read | Watch)

General Stories

The Lottery is a story about a family winning a lottery to end up losing something even more precious. No picture. (Read)

How I Know God Answers Prayer shares the author's personal experiences of God answering her prayer. No picture. (Read)

The Stars My Brothers is a science fiction story about a man who wakes up after 100 years to find himself traveling in the galaxy and facing strange human being on the planet of Sako. Some pictures. (Read | Listen)

Ashton-Kirk Investigator tells the story of the young, handsome, and ever popular investigator Ashton-Kirk solving the mystery in the murder of a coin collector. Some pictures. (Read)

California Gold Book tells how the first gold nugget was discovered, triggering the gold panning fever in California in the 1800s. Many interesting pictures. (Read)

The Cheerful Smugglers is a funny story about a couple trying to save money for the future of their baby by imposing a tariff on everything brought into the house. Many lovely pictures. (Read)