Golden Stories

Welcome to Golden Stories. Here are the best stories I have selected for the month of October, 2016.

Children Stories

Simple Simon is a series of silhouettes about a small boy called Simon. Many pictures. (Read)

Children's Hour with Red Riding Hood and Other Stories is a collection of five children stories with many beautiful pictures. (Read)

The Monkey's Frolic is a humorous picture story about a monkey and his playmate cat curing a patient by accident. Many pictures. (Read)

The Wreck is a lovely story with illustrations about how two little girls can be helpful in a disaster. Many pictures. (Read)

The Aesop for Children contains many well known fables such as The Hare And The Tortoise. Over a hundred of beautiful pictures. (Read | Listen | Watch)

The Adventures of Puss in Boots, Jr. is a story about the adventure of the cat Puss Junior. Many pictures. (Read)

General Stories

The Moneychangers is a story about greed and craze of money changers set in the backdrop of the Panic of 1907 on Wall Street. No picture. (Read | Listen)

A Pair of Clogs is a story about a stolen child, a pair of clogs, and a choice between her true mother and adopted mother years later. No picture. (Read)

The Lilac Girl is a story about love between the lilac girl and a gold prospector. Many pictures. (Read)

The Solitary Farm is a story about love, diamonds, and a murder on the corn farm. Two pictures. (Read)

The Newsboy Partners is a story about the misfortune of a rich boy bringing goodness to a poor newspaper boy. Some pictures. (Read)

In Secret is a story about a young, beautiful cryptographer uncovering the great secret of the Germans to conquer France during the war. No picture. (Read)