Golden Stories

Welcome to Golden Stories. Here are the best stories I have selected for the month of May, 2015.

Children Stories

The Tale of Peter Rabbit is a children story about the adventure of Peter Rabbit in the garden of Mr. McGregor. Many beautiful pictures. (Read | Listen | Watch)

Cecily Parsley's Nursery Rhymes is a compilation of traditional nursery rhymes for children. Many beautiful pictures. (Read)

Around the World in 80 Days is the adventure story of a gentleman in the 1800s to circumnavigate the world in 80 days. No picture. (Read | Listen | Watch)

Washer the Raccoon is a children story about the adventure of a Raccoon called Washer. Some colorful pictures. (Read)

The Tailor of Gloucester is a children story about a tailor being helped by some mice he rescues. Many beautiful pictures. (Read | Watch)

The Story of Miss Moppet is a children story about the kitten Miss Moppet being teased by a mouse. Many beautiful pictures. (Read | Watch)

General Stories

In Secret is a story about a young, beautiful cryptographer uncovering the great secret of the Germans to conquer France during the war. No picture. (Read)

The Dominant Strain is a romantic story with musical atmosphere about a fine woman marrying the wrong man and then trying to change him after marriage. Some pictures. (Read)

Oscar the Detective is a light-hearted detective story where our hero Oscar displays his wit in bringing a happy ending to a jewelry robbery. One picture. (Read)

Atom Drive is a science fiction about a space race where the tortoise outmaneuvers the hare playing dirty tricks. Two pictures. (Read)

Not Pretty But Precious is a lovely story about how a plain looking girl wins the heart of a handsome man of fortune and social position. No picture. (Read)

An Unprotected Female At The Pyramids is a story about a not-so-young lady trying hard to seek marriage during a tour of the pyramids. No picture. (Read)