Golden Stories

Welcome to Golden Stories. Here are the best stories I have selected for the month of August, 2016.

Children Stories

Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare retells Shakespeare's great stories with many beautiful pictures for children to enjoy. (Read | Listen)

Bunny Brown and His Sister Sue in the Big Woods is a story about two small children's adventure in the woods and around the house. Some pictures. (Read)

My Young Days tells small children the many exciting things that happened around the author when she was a small girl. Beautiful silhouette pictures. (Read)

The Farmer's Boy are children's rhymes about a farmer's boy. Many beautiful pictures. (Read | Listen)

The Tailor and the Crow is an old rhyme with many interesting pictures for children. (Read)

The Legend Of The Christ Child is a short but heart warming story about a poor boy wandering in the cold winter on Christmas eve. No picture. (Read)

General Stories

Colonel Starbottle For The Plaintiff is a short story about a lawyer helping the young plaintiff to fight against a rich man over a love affair. Humorous! No picture. (Read)

Getting Even With Reggie is a play about how a group of girls hatches a brilliant plan to get even with the mean and egotistical editor of a magazine. One picture. (Read)

The Six Fingers of Time is a short novel about a man discovering the secret in controlling time and using it to his advantage. No picture. (Read)

Accidental Flight is a science fiction story about a group of outcasts of physically imperfect people trying to escape to a better world. Many pictures. (Read)

A Kiss In The Dark is a comedy about a man kissing a woman at the wrong time -- in the dark. One picture only. (Read)

Hidden Treasures uncovers the hidden treasures used by 83 men such as Vanderbilt and Astor to succeed in business and life. Some pictures. (Read)