Golden Stories

Welcome to Golden Stories. Here are the best stories I have selected for the month of January, 2017.

Children Stories

The World Turned Upside Down is a collection of short stories to imagine how the world would be if things were turned upside down. Many funny pictures. (Read)

The Mouse and the Christmas Cake is a rhyme about a little mouse that built itself a house in a Christmas cake. Some pictures. (Read)

My Father's Dragon is a story about a young boy rescuing a baby Dragon. Lots of lovely pictures. (Read | Listen)

Mr. Wicker's Window is an addictive story about a lonely boy discovering his ability to travel back in time, fight the villain, and retrieve treasure from China. Numerous pictures. (Read | Listen)

The Adventures of Grandfather Frog teaches children to expand their horizons and learn something new everyday. Many beautiful pictures. (Read)

Us and the Bottle Man tells the adventure of three children when they throw into the sea a bottle stuffed with a message pleading for rescue. Some pictures. (Read)

General Stories

Warrior Race is a science fiction about two space travelers outwitting a vast army of warriors equipped with a weird weapon. One picture only. (Read)

The Crystal Crypt is a science fiction about stealing a whole city on Mars. No picture. (Read)

Be It Ever Thus is a science fiction story about a plot where the conquered becomes one of the conquerors through changeling. No picture. (Read)

A Splendid Hazard is a story about an adventure to find the treasure hidden for the revival of Napoleon Bonaparte's empire. No picture. (Read)

Certain Success is a practical guide to learning specialized skills to acquire success. No picture. (Read)

How to Invest Money teaches you how to invest your money, which is still useful todays even though the specifics have changed. No picture. (Read)